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Free Get Away Island from above

Free Get Away Island has many people on the is land. the population is estimated about 500,000 people. This number is also rising but visitors that come once and deside to live her.


Island Party

The Island is also known for is wild parties! Every weekend the locals and visitors are also welcomed to join, throw a HUGE party on the beach. There are manythings to do at the party. We have live music and just this past weekend we had Borge & Lil Jon at the beach playing. This graduation weekend we'll have Dj Miguel For the whole weekend! all night long partying! We get really great reviews on our yelp page so why not, come join the party island!

Warning! if there are people that do get too out of hand there are Police patroling the island. is you asre a visitor and you get out of hand you could face chargers and/or be banished from the island and never to return again.

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