On the is land there are many things to do. many of the people love to ride the zip line! the Zip Line is Free only to locals but its only $5 per person if you are a visitor.

the zip line starts at the top of the mountain and you can either take the rout in to the water or the other that takes you to the beach! either way they are both a great ride.


The Finger Monkey is one of the main animals known on the island. These animals are protected by our laws. We have saved these animals from almost vanishing from the earth.


We have many different types of animals on the island all are really friendly! we have Koalas, Lemurs, Deer, and Sloths.


We had made an exhibit for baby Sloths. to help them grow and once the reach to the part that they can live and feed for themselves they are placed back in to the wild.

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